Welcome to Sono Komorebi

Welcome to Sono Komorebi! (aka my random space).


Brief tour:


  • Home:

Here you are at the moment. On this page, you will find a brief tour of my blog and some of my featured posts (click on the images and they will lead you to my featured posts). In the future, I am hoping to hold polls for future posts.

  • Blog

By clicking on ‘Blog’, you will be directed to my blog page where you will find all of my posts, granted only five posts will be shown at one time, but you will be able to find on the right-hand side of the page an archive and a categories section where you can select a certain 6ede88b86f3182e357b963e313fe7975month or a certain category to find what you are looking for.

On the drop-down menu you will find the Book Challenge 2018, and by clicking on it you will find out more on my challenge to read thirty books this year! Youcan also find This Day in History where you can catch my weekly upload of something that happened on that day in History!

  • About:

On the About page you will find a bit about me. WARNING: I am anonymous and 66c99265fff1042550fba78293738dc3therefore will be going by the name Elettra and keeping my personal life as private as possible. To be frank, I hate about pages so I did my best to make it ok.

  • Contact:

A contact page is a place where you can contact me for anything: advice, requests or just a chat.

The brief tour is done, now go ahead and visit my blog!



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