Third Time Lucky | First Post

This is getting tedious.

I have rewritten this blog post some many times over the past couple of weeks and just cannot get it right. I keep restarting because whenever I proof read it, I realise it just isn’t me, and I promised myself that this blog would be different to the other two I have written for the simple reason that it would be more like me rather than like other bloggers.

Let me explain:

In January of this year, I decided to create a blog and so I got started with the beloved scrapbook theme (yes, all of them have been on WordPress, thanks WP!) and began writing to my heart’s content every day, and the posts usually contained something which you could distinctly say was about me. But then I noticed that no one was actually clicking on my posts. This went on for about a month and a half with no views, and that is when I turned to Click Bait. Then I started getting views, but negative ones. Most of the people would comment hate towards me and I wasn’t used to this world of blogging that after a couple of click baity posts later, I quit.

After that rollercoaster ride, I made sure to ignore what had happened in January and made another blog in May. This time, I looked at other people’s blog posts and decided to do similar things to gain views. This worked for a good while. I was getting a good amount of views in my opinion, but I had no subscribers. This continued on for a shorter amount of time when I noticed that my viewer count started decreasing rapidly until it reached zero. When it came to ten consecutive posts with nought views, I decided that I must not be made for blogging.

Then November came around and I decided to go back onto Word Press to look at other people’s blogs and began to feel inspired to begin blogging again. I then remembered my two past ‘fails’ at blogging and decided not to. Then the beginning of December came and I finally made the decision to create Sono Komorebi.

Ever since the creation of it, I have made multiple bruises form on my head trying to think of what to add in my first post, and I still am. Each time I have written one, it always sounds too robotic, and just not … me.

Hang on a second…I think I have just done it! I think I have written an okay enough post for my blog! Let’s continue with this good enough spirit!

So anyway, after that small revelation, I have created the first blog post to my third try at an online Blog. You know what they say: Third Time Lucky. Hopefully that will be the case for me.

Now, today is Wednesday the 28th of December. This means three things: 1. Christmas is gone and there are only 361 days left until Christmas so get your Christmas lists ready for Santa! 2. New Years Eve and Day are fast approaching meaning that I need to get in the party mood and 3. New Years Resolution time!

We didn’t continue very far did we? Oh well will see you when I have the time to write again for anyone who comes to read this first blog post of mine.

Elettra Gale



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