New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year to everyone reading this post!

Now I know that a lot of people reading this post may have written themselves a New Year’s resolution, and many people may have just not thought about it or decided not to do one since from experience for me, I know that I have never been able to keep my resolutions (except from a couple of years ago when I decided that my resolution would be to not have any resolutions!).

But this year, I have decided to change. This year, I am going to complete every single one of my resolutions.

And here is the master piece:

  1. Call/Text/Write to my grandparents more often.
  2. Keep this blog running for at least three months from today.
  3. Read 30 books this year and write a small summary for them so that I remember the books that I have read.
  4. Save up for a camera and driving lessons.
  5. Try my best in my upcoming exams.


I know there are only five resolutions, but I needed to be realistic. I could put down ‘go on a diet’ because food is my best friend, or ‘do more sports’ because I am not good at any sports other than dance (which many people do not consider a sport) and swimming.

Thank you for anyone who has bothered to waste a couple of minutes of their time to support me in reading this post, it means a lot to me 🙂




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