Yesterday I joined a type of writer’s circle at my school where during lunch break a group of people just sit down and write whatever comes into their minds. I joined it, in the beginning, to try to improve my writing and ‘content’ for this blog, but then I realised what if I tried something new. Something like writing a poem? Or a play? Or even beginning to write a book? This always seemed so far-fetched to me because when I was younger and in my early teenage years, I tried so many times at writing a book. I have to admit, the plots were pretty good, but the actual writing itself was appalling, so therefore I never succeeded.

So anyway, when I went to the circle yesterday, whilst we were brainstorming ideas for what to do, I came up with, what I thought was, an intriguing idea for a poem. As I was writing things down, I was getting more and more into it.

But then again, the plan was perfect, and no ink was able to come out of my pen to write a word down for this poem.

The pain, I do hope you feel it too.

The plan is still sitting next to me on my desk. Each word on there is proof that I can come up with ideas, but also proof that I cannot put them to justice on paper in a coherent sort of way. That is why my aim for this writer’s circle is to complete one poem to a very good quality. I know that I will need help with sorting out my brain to be able to write one, but I don’t want too much help because otherwise, in the end, it makes me feel like I did nothing except come up with the concept and have someone write it out for me. It is almost like some novels out there today. Fake.

Some people who have come to read this blog post may wonder: ‘How does this even relate to Unseen?’. Well in my perspective, it relates to the Unseen so very well because in a way my talents of writing are ‘Unseen’ because of my lack of experience in being able to write something of meaning and importance. Thinking back, that is most probably why my other two blogs shrivelled away and died.

Hey, if my poem does come out to become some sort of reality, then I shan’t hesitate to let you all see it. It would be great to have some constructive criticisms on it to help me improve.

Thank you to the Daily Prompt: Unseen for enabling me to come up with what I have posted today.

See you all next time!



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