01/03/17 … Lent is upon us

If anyone here is like me, they have never ‘given anything up for Lent before’. But this year things are changing.

I have decided to take this Lent seriously for once and begun it today. What have I given up you ask?

Well, my answer is nothing (well maybe except crisps and sweets). I believe that one of the sole ways of being able to do Lent is having something you give up (yay the crisps and sweets are mentioned again) and something you do that is new.

If you have reading this post properly since here you’ll know that I am giving up crisps and sweets because I eat too many of them at the moment and wish to basically cut down. The thing that I am going to do that is ‘new’ in a way is…Write on this blog every day until the 31st of March!

I have no idea what I will be writing about in the upcoming blog posts, but I think that one of them will be a Book related post since I have nearly read my current book, and I am technically behind on my book challenge since I have only read 1 book so far…which was a pretty good book.

So yeah! I am giving up crisps and sweets and making at least a blog post a day to try and actually make this blog…come to life?

Anyway, this was the firdt post for the Lent challenge! Come back to my blog tomorrow for the next post!


P.S. I am not the only one giving up crisps! The Prime Minister of the UK is also giving up crisps, more specifically Salt and Vinegar.



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