02/03/17: What do I study?

The second day of the Lent challenge and I am PUMPED! Today I shall be talking about what subjects I am studying at the moment and basically about how I study normally.

So without further ado, let’s get on with the blog 😀

The Subjects That I Am Studying At The Moment (A-Level)

1280px-flag_of_spain-svg 1500px-flag_of_france-svg sat-subject-test-literature-tutoring-solution_134371_large politician-292x300

Spanish                     French                       English Literature          Politics

As you can see I love languages. This is mainly because part of my family is French and some of the Frenchies live in Spain. However, if I didn’t have these ‘extras’ if I can say, then I still think that I would still be as interested in languages because it opens doors in the working life and I like being able to communicate with people in the country I visit. The main reason to this is because I believe that whenever English speaking people go to foreign countries, the waiters and people like that are all speaking to us in English, however, when they come over to our country they are expected to speak English to us, which I think is really unfair.

I also have a passion for books and reading in general, hence why I have challenged myself to read 30 books this year. Many people I know ask ‘Why did you take English Literature?’ and I always respond with this:

I chose to do English Literature because it gives me the excuse to read and analyse every single world to new depths that I read.

My family found it strange when I announced to them that I was taking Politics because back in the day, I wasn’t very interested in the news. However one day I had the realisation that I needed to watch it more often because it is important to know what is going on in the world. Take an example, my aunt who lives in Spain didn’t find out about David Bowie dying until last week when she said ‘Haven’t heard much about David Bowie recently.’ She does follow the news, but only news that relates to Haiti and the Dominican Republic since that is where she works. Do you see my point? I also wanted to have a better understanding of how my country is run because I had no clue about all different electoral processes and how different legislatures were being run.

Now let me talk to you about …

How I study for my subjects?

What resources do I do to complete my work How many hours do I do outside of school per week (usually)
English Literature The main resources I use are my brain, some of the useful websites on the internet like cliff notes, shmoop and sparx notes -> they really help me with annotations and re-reading the books and poems I have to read. Another resource I use is books or poems in that genre and writing a review on them in an old notebook. 4-5
French The main resources I use are the Besherelle grammar books and my family. I also enjoy watching French series and movies to use the idiomatic and native expressions. 3-4
Politics The main resources I use are different news applications, following different politicians and politically related things on Twitter and Instagram, watching the six o’clock news every evening and doing many past papers to get used to the format of things. 3-4
Spanish The main resources I use are the Besherelle grammar books, music, films, movies and my family. I also have two pen friends who I talk to on a regular basis which I find is an amazing thing! 4-5

From looking at that table, I think that I need to spend a little more time on politics outside of school teehee.

A final way that I hope you guys won’t find too nerdy is a thing called a studygram. Basically, it is an Instagram account that is solely dedicated to what you do during your study time. I had never heard of it until about a couple of weeks ago and I felt so motivated watching people study and make it look so pretty that I thought to myself, it is your turn Elettra! So now I have one and I am a proud little armadillo!

So there it is, my second post of this awesome Lent challenge! Come back for tomorrow’s post which should be about Brexit and my sincere opinion about it.





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