03/03/2017: Brexit

The third day, the third post. Today’s post shall be entirely revolved around an event which was one of the major politics points in 2016, other than the US Presidential Election. You can already guess what it was due to the title…

All About Brexit

What does the term ‘Brexit’ actually mean?

It is a word that the world used to describe Britain leaving the EU. It merges Britain and Exit together to make Brexit, just like when Greece was rumoured to leave the EU: Grexit.

What happened after the referendum?

After the EU referendum of 2016, where 51.9% voted to leave and 48.1% voted to remain, the Prime Minister (PM) of the time, David Cameron, stepped down, and his Home Secretary stepped up as the leader of the Conservative Party and therefore becoming PM, after having no clear opposition. Some could say that this classes her as an illegitimate leader since the people of the UK never voted her in, but she has taken the role.

Her views on Brexit have always been Pro EU, other than the time when she was deemed as the perfect Leave leader, and when she to the role of PM, her main message to the people has been “Brexit means Brexit”. She has also taken up the decision of a so-called hard Brexit which would mean that the UK would no longer have freedom of movement within the EU neither have access to the European Market. Recently, there has been a debate in Parliament on the subject of the safety of EU citizens living in the UK. It has since been revoked by the Lords, meaning the Theresa May has to make some amendments before it can be accepted by the Lords. In one way I can understand why Theresa May wanted to put this Bill through because the countries of the EU haven’t guaranteed the rights of British citizens living there until the PM has triggered Article 50. Another Bill was rejected by the House of Lords on the 07/03/17 meaning two defeats in one week for May, not going too well is it?

When will the UK actually leave the EU?

If you haven’t already noticed, the UK is still on the list of twenty-eight countries that are members of the EU. This is because it is still technically a part of the EU until it triggers an agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which will give the UK two years to agree on terms of the split. May has said that she would trigger Article 50 by the end of March…so any minute now D:

Brexit flowchart updated with legal challenge

A diagram that shows the UK’s steps towards an EU exit thanks to the BBC

So there is a brief explanation. Now time for the juicy …

My Own Opinion!

Ok so this whole Brexit thing, I have been well and truly against it from the beginning. It is just because personally I think that the British people are better off whilst they are still in the EU. The main part is all the EU citizens living in the UK right now and all the UK citizens living in the EU. And Gibraltar!

Hang on, if you don’t know what Gibraltar is, let me tell you quickly

Gibraltar?…Did you make that up?

Nope, I didn’t. Basically, it is a British owned country which is in the EU. Here it is on a wonderful map:


Image result for gibraltar

Far away it looks like a part of Spain

Image result for gibraltar

But the closer you get, you understand that it is completely separate!

Here is some information a rounded up about Gibraltar: (and sorry for the bad picture quality in advance!)


So then continuing with my opinion on this, the UK shouldn’t have left because it is better off with the new people that come in as it promotes cultural diversity and other people other than ourselves are amazing.

Just realised how terrible that ending was, I apologise deeply.






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