08/03/17: What series am I watching at the moment?

For today’s post, I will be talking about the TV series I am currently watching at the moment, which is …


Sherlock has been around for a long time, and I have read a couple of the books, which is why it amazed me when I realised that I had never watched any of the tv series episodes. I started watching them in February and can’t stop ever since. There is only one problem with them: they are too long meaning that I treat them like movies, which I don’t watch very often. When I say I treat them like movies, I have a set schedule with movies. That schedule is basically where I watch one type of movie, for instance, an action movie. After watching that movie, I can watch whatever I want other than an action movie, so then I could move along to a rom-com and so on. Therefore it has been slow getting through the episodes.

At the moment, I am on season 3 episode 2. My favorite season so far would have to be season 2 just because of the tension and the MASSIVE cliffhanger towards the end of it. I also am planning to get my own skull just so that I have someone to talk to when I am alone Ha ha!

What TV series are you watching at the moment? See you tomorrow!



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