13/03/17: Pixar Theories

Yesterday and today, I was listening to different Disney songs on repeat when I suddenly saw a recommended video about a Pixar theory. Now, anything to do with Disney or Pixar always attracts me so of course, I couldn’t not click on it.

From the video I watched, I learnt that Riley’s class from her new school in Inside Out originate from the Caterpillar Room from Toy Story 3 and they go and visit the Marine institute from Finding Dory. I also found out that Boo is also seen in the Caterpillar room and then I went onto another video which basically tries and finds out who her parents are and so on.

It just got me in a spiral of new found knowledge that I fell in love with, and it got me looking at different things when I watch movies…well when I will watch movies since I haven’t watched another one since the post on movies.

There is the post, sorry for it being so short, but hey this is one of the only ones that is actually on time!




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