15/03/17: I bought a new book!

If you don’t already know, I absolutely love old things, vintage things, because I feel like they romanticise things in life because of the way that they are worn but still loved. Today I went to a local shop where they sell random pretty things, and at the back, they have a little library of books. Most of them are what I would class as vintage, however, the stories in them are either not complete or they are actually ruined. But today I saw another book added to the shelf, and it was like fate!


The book is called ‘The wonder book of Tell me why?’By Ward Lock. The outside cover is a bit worn out, but it gives it that old effect. The actual content of the book is different questions, e.g. ‘Why are flowers different colours?’, and there are different pages with mini quizzes and many with some pretty photographs.

My question to all of you is whether or not you would like me to make a series of answering the questions in this book using the book and the internet to help me? Also how often would you like it to be:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

Answer in the comment section below 🙂



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