Ed Sheeran’s New Album Divide ¦ Review

I thought that since this is a huge thing for the music industry I might as well review it because…well why not?


Ed Sheeran’s New Album: Divide

Ed Sheeran’s album Divide was released on the 3rd of March 2017. He released two singles on the 6th of January: Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill. These were both (obviously) hits, but from these two songs, I was a bit apprehensive of the album because I wasn’t that much of a fan of Shape Of You but a huge fan of Castle On The Hill. This is because it reminded me a bit too much of Sing – which in case you didn’t know I don’t particularly like it that much.

The songs in Divide and my thoughts:

  • Eraser – 8/10

I love the chorus of this song, it is the type of chorus that I find that after listening to it I would be humming it. Also, I generally love this type of this chorus since there are multiple voices and well I just love it.

The meaning behind this song is also really relatable since it is (from my interpretation) about finding comfort in the pains you get confronted by every day, but he has an eraser so that he doesn’t have to dwell on them, which is also quite motivational.

  • Castle on the Hill – 8/10

This was one of the first singles released by Ed Sheeran on the 6th of January, and I loved it from the first time I heard it. It gave me the feels of Mumford and Sons and kind of reminded me of his album + (which is my favourite album by him so far).It is always a fantastic song to dance to because of its rhythm. There are so many amazing dance choreographies online, and that is basically what I do in the early hours of the morning: watch random choreography videos on YouTube.

  • Dive – 8/10

This song is just so relaxing and makes me want to imagine Ed Sheeran in a black and white emotional video clip. It just makes me want to relax but at the same time start throwing objects at my bedroom walls.

  • Shape of You – 6/10

This song is the lowest rated out of all of them because it is a bit like Sing from X, too mainstream.

  • Perfect – 9/10

Perfect is another one of those love songs that I fall in love with instantly, yes I am an easy one to please with any love song: you play me a love song and I will probably be listening to it on repeat by the end of the day. This is one of those loveable love songs.

  • Galway Girl – 10/10

This is another one of my favourites because I managed to learn the rap…and I just love it. There is no reason, every time I play it I am happy. Guess that is why then hey.

  • Happier – 10/10

This is one of my favourite songs from this album because of how meaningful it is, I love the lyrics and singing it acapella in my room when no one is watching and listening. In a way I can’t really connect with this song properly because I have never experienced what the song dictates: a breakup but one person is still in love with the other, because I have never been in a relationship, however, the lyrics help me to understand what that person who still loves the other is feeling.

  • New Man – 7/10

This one is cute. I love how it is obvious that the singer has still got feelings for the girl he is singing too, and how he is passive insulting her ‘New Man’. It makes me chuckle chuckle chuckle!

  • Hearts Don’t Break Around Here – 7/10

This is a beautiful song, can’t say anything else because it’s so pretty haha. It also has a lovely melody to it.

  • What Do I Know? – 7/10

The tune to this is so carefree and the melody and harmonies are amazing! This song I feel like being on the beach and reading whilst nodding my head and bouncing my leg!

  • How Would You Feel? – 8/10

This is a slow love song which is lovely, and the tune and melody are very relaxing. The only trouble is I feel like falling asleep every time I listen to it. That may not be a problem if I wanted to fall asleep, but most of the time I don’t want to.

  • Supermarket Flowers – 9/10

This one brings a tear to my eye because it makes me think about my family. It is also a lovely sad song to listen to when you are sad (well that is how I interpret it)


  • Barcelona – 8/10

A great upbeat song to listen too. I especially like it because I went to Barcelona recently and when they saw Ed had a song called Barcelona, well they went a bit crazy!

  • Bibia Be Ye Ye – 7/10

This is an upbeat song about kind of living life the way you want it to be like. I quite like listening to it when I an unhappy because the melody is quite happy.

  • Nancy Mulligan – 10/10

This song is just like Galway Girl in the way that I love it because it makes me happy! I think that it is also because it tells a story within the lyrics. I do like songs with a bit of a story with them.

  • Save Myself – 10/10

This song makes me cry inside, and most of all I empathise with this song completely. This is because I love to help people, it is my number one thing that I like to do haha, but I know that I myself need help and sometimes I just want to go and turn around the to people who want my help and say look I want to help you but I need to help myself first. This is another on of my favourite songs from the album!

And that is my review done and dusted! What are your thoughts on Ed’s new album?


P.S. The wifi was so bad the past couple of weeks that I decided to give up on my Lent Challenge. It is now fixed so be prepared for more posts!


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