Who am I writing for? Why?

I was looking in my reader just now, and a blog post appeared from blogger Ben Huberman (the blog post). The post was about what blogger Val Boyko making us rethink our blogging ways: who we write for and why we write for that specific person.

After reading her blog post about this topic, it provoked different thoughts and feelings inside my head: Who am I writing for? Am I only writing to get validation from someone? Do I only care about the statistics from my blog? etc etc.

I started this blog originally to have a place where I could be me without anyone judging hence why I chose to be anonymous. I also started this blog to have somewhere where I could put my thoughts onto a page and see how people react to it. Like I mention in my very first post, sonokomorebi is my third try at being a ‘blogger’. I believe that the main reason why the first two blogs did not succeed is due to the fact I was relying mainly on statistics and trying to post what I thought people would be interested in seeing rather than what I personally wanted to talk about, meaning that the posts never had that connection between the writer and the actual post. This proves that I was one of the people Val Boyko was referencing in her post, but I thoroughly believe that I have changed since I now only post when I can or want to and what I want to post.

Who do I write for? Well, to be blunt, I write for me. My own comfort. This may sound selfish to some, but making others happy starts from making yourself happy, and therefore I want to concentrate on making me happy and trying to spread my happiness through this. If I didn’t have any views or likes or comments on my posts then I wouldn’t really mind. If you asked me if it would have bothered me during the time of my other blogs, then I would have most probably said yes since I was very focused on the outcomes of my blog posts. If what I write now attracts people, then yes I would be very pleased, but that isn’t the driving force of why I write.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your reasons why you write!

Elettra Gale


2 thoughts on “Who am I writing for? Why?

  1. I think I write for similar reasons: I wanted to share all these thoughts about language I have, and hope that some people might find them interesting. I sometimes think about what types of posts people would like to read. But ultimately, if you want to be successful you have to write about what you want, as you write better when you write about what interests you, and people notice that.

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