Bullet Journaling: Something new

Hello everyone!

First of all, Happy Canada Day to all who live in Canada and for everyone else Pinch Punch First of the month ūüėÄ

Anyway, from the title of this post I think you would have gathered what this is about. In May I took a random notebook and started to do my own makeshift Bullet Journal. The Bullet Journal concept was created by a man called Ryder Carroll (Click Here For His Video) who had been perfecting the idea for around twenty years to organise his life in some sort of cohesive way to him. Ever since then, many others have taken up bullet journaling to organise their lives, and I decided to hop on the train in May.

I mainly started it because I felt that if I were to organise my life in a systematic and visual way it would help me to be better at sticking to goals and what I needed to complete in that day, week, month, and in some cases year. If you search up Bullet Journal and look in the images section you will probably see so many aesthetically pleasing spreads and pages. At the moment, mine is not too aesthetically pleasing as I am keeping to a minimalistic style and plan on doing so until I get my 2018 bullet journal since I am mainly focusing on getting things done.

Most of the YouTubers who have a bullet journal use what is called the Leuchtturn 1917 notebook with dots due to its index and numbered pages. I started with a cheap lined notebook which had my favourite comic book character (Dennis the Menace) on its cover. Along with that, at the beginning I used the following materials:

  • A black writing pen, usually bic
  • Triplus fineliner¬†pens
  • Ruler
  • Pink Yellow Green and Blue highlighter
  • Images printed off of the internet

Then later on as the month of May progressed, I wanted more colours in my spreads and random pages, so I decided to invest in the Stabilo Pastel colour range and a couple of Washi Tapes. To begin your bullet journal, you literally need some sort of notebook and a pen if you want it to be minimalistic. You do not need to suddently know how to write in caligraphy or draw overnight because it is meant to suit your needs. If your needs allow you to make it colourful and funky then go for it, but if you are better suited to a minimalistic spread then stick to that. Plus, the only person who is going to see and critique it is yourself unless you share your spreads on the internet.

There are so many YouTubers online who share their spread ideas so if you ever get stuck on what to add to your spread for that month then be sure to check them out.

For me, I am planning on sticking on the same layout until the end of the year because for me it is simpler since my notebook is lined to stick with it, but I am planning on investing into a Leuchttrum 1917 dotted journal for a 2018 Journal which will allow me for more freedom for my spread ideas because even though I could accomplish some of them now I think it will just be easier to do so in a new one.

If you would like me to do some plan with me blog posts for next year then please do not hesitate to comment down below! I can’t wait to move into the Leuchttrum journal next year!

Elettra Gale


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