I know that there will be many different bloggers or companies that will use WordPress as their starting point in their life/career, and many of them having similar content, but I know that I will be different due to the wide range of themes that I touch upon, including languages and cultures from around the world. This aspect, languages, will mean that many different people will be able to read my blog and learn different things out of it.

My name is Elettra Gale and I am a 17-year-old freelance blogger who aspires to be a someone who helps people. I am currently studying English literature, French, Spanish and Politics at the A-Level Stage (Bacaloria Stage) and I am hoping to do a languages course in university.

One of the main reasons to why I started this blog was because I have always found a comfort in writing, and this can be about anything. Here I can collect and save all of the items I wish to write about in one singular place, and I am hoping to interlink it with the classes I am taking at the moment so it could help other people too.

The website/blog is called Sono Komorebi. This in Japanese means ‘The Sun Shining Through The Leaves’. I chose this as my blog name because it sounded so nice when I was saying it to myself and also it seemed to reflect an image of peace and hope in my mind (the English Literature in me is starting to be exposed!)

If you’d like to find out some more about me or you would like to explore my blog, then feel free to!

Elettra Gale