#19: Natalia Osipova

Hello everyone! Today's post will be about the beautiful ballerina Natalia Osipova. The reason behind this post is because I recently had a ballet exam (Grade 8 RAD) and that exam is like a dance show...I'll explain: First, we are at the bar doing exercises, but they are not marked, just there for a warm… Continue reading #19: Natalia Osipova


#18: The story of Anastasia

Today I have decided to post a story I have loved from a young age: the legend of Princess Anastasia. If you didn't know, Russia used to have a royal family. They were called the Tsars of Imperial Russia. The Tsarist autocracy began in 1440 with Ivan III and was then abolished in 1917 during… Continue reading #18: The story of Anastasia

One Word Prompt

#17: Tide

Today's blog post is inspired by the Daily Prompt: Tide, so click on the hyperlink to see other people's interpretations of the word 'Tide'. When I saw the word tide appear on my feed, I just knew that I had to write something about it. I got all sorts of ideas in my head with the… Continue reading #17: Tide

Book Challenge 2018

#16: Books Galore for the Summer!

Hello Hello Hello! Right now I am on a coffee rush so that is my excuse for coming out all of a sudden with all these blog posts, better now than never ey? So I have been rooting through my bookshelf and going to good old WHSmith for some new finds, and referring to different… Continue reading #16: Books Galore for the Summer!

Book Challenge 2018

#15: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Saga by Rick Riordan

Name of series: 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' by Rick Riordan Summary: The Lightning Thief (July 1st, 2005) After a harrowing experience at his school trip, Percy Jackson returns home for the summer vacation, wherein him and his mother Sally Jackson, travel to their cabin in Montauk to take their mind off things.However, the trip is cut… Continue reading #15: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Saga by Rick Riordan